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Pre-Construction Services

At Agate Construction, we believe in setting the right foundation from the start. A collaborative and well-organized approach at the front-end of a project resolves any potential issues in the best way possible – prevention. We are enthusiastic about collaborating with our Customers, Design Teams, and Trade Partners during the Pre-Construction process to ensure that all scopes of work and estimates are well-defined and reviewed by all project stakeholders. Our Pre-Construction Team has over 250 years of combined estimating and Pre-Construction experience.

Construction Management At Risk

The Agate Team approaches construction management as a collaborative activity involving all project participants as partners and contributors in the Safety, Quality and Execution of the Project. We closely and proactively manage each and every one of our projects using our tried and proven “Magic 17” Project Management controls processes. Through our Team’s daily execution of these processes, Agate insures all your projects are safe, orderly, organized, clean, on schedule, financial controls are always current, material and equipment procurement is tracked and managed, issues are communicated and resolved quickly, vendors and subcontractors are paid timely and fairly, and quality control is at the fore front of our list of priorities.

Project Completion & Close Out Activities (Red Zone)

As your project approaches the Completion Phase, we implement our aptly named, “Red Zone” process that establishes the path to the orderly completion of your project. By first developing a listing of field, completion, administrative, occupancy and close out items well in advance of the project’s completion, Agate provides a Certainty of a Successful Outcome with an emphasis on quality, commissioning, proper operation, and occupancy with a “controlled sense of urgency”.