At Agate Construction, we differentiate ourselves through the following attributes:

  • Our committed, dedicated and caring Team Members
  • Our trusting and loyal trade partner relationships
  • Timely, emphasized and focused project procurement results in on time projects
  • Organized, neat, orderly, and safe construction sites promotes quality
  • Detailed project schedules that clearly show the path to milestones and timely completion
  • Preconstruction Services that thoroughly vet out all of the Trade Partners’ scopes of work
  • Clear, intentional, transparent and honest communication with all Project Stake Holders
  • Pre-Installation Conferences with Trade Partners and Consultants that address all aspects of the upcoming work activities
  • A strong safety culture that has resulted in no accidents or incidents in over four years
  • Solution-based problem solving; not problem finding
  • Timely payments to all our construction partners and material vendors
  • Responsible risk-management policies that protect our clients and customers
  • Project closeout processes that result in projects being completed on time, without loose ends

Agate Construction passed the half billion dollar mark several years ago in successfully completed projects using our vast experience in the following market sectors: commercial, industrial, automotive dealerships, mining infrastructure, tenant improvements, federal, institutional, fire stations, concrete and steel structures, manufacturing facilities, pre-engineered metal buildings and power plant support buildings.

Our projects are traditionally delivered through a negotiated, open-book, best value or competitive bid lump sum approach and can be delivered via a Design Assist, Construction Management at Risk (CMAR), Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) or Design Build approach.

We tailor each on a project specific basis and approach to meet our Customers’ requirements by providing a full range of preconstruction and construction services including:

Mine Site Infrastructure
Automotive Retail/Service
Multifamily/Senior Living

You can view any of our projects via our Portfolio.


Our commercial construction projects and businesses vary in size and scale. We focus on a variety of business needs – structures, expansions, redesigns, or remodels – with a cost-effective approach. Regardless of the size of project, commercial construction is a big undertaking. To ensure the best chance of success, it is important to work with a company who is reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable – That’s Agate Construction.


Our projects range from automotive dealerships, to tenant improvements, to mining support buildings, and we focus on being mindful of our clients’ daily operations. At Agate Construction, our staff’s vast experience with both the public and private sector greatly benefits our partners and clients. Our reputation is based on finding innovative solutions, being responsive to the specific needs of our clients and the project, and successfully applying our understanding of the local marketplace to ensure all of our Customers’ objectives are considered.

Design-Build/Assist Delivery Method

The Design-Build Delivery Method is efficient and typically faster than our other Delivery Methods. The responsibility for program, design, constructability, duration, finishes, and quality are all placed all within Agate Construction’s responsibilities – designing to a Budget isn’t easy; but we’re good at it. As an experienced design-build organization, Agate Construction combines effective management with experience in navigating good design with the constructibility. We work closely with qualified consultants and Design Build Trade Partners which allows our customers to opt for their own preferences. With the Design-Build approach, Agate can control the design and permit schedules because of the consultants being contractually obligated to the Agate Construction.

If your goal is to have your contractor ride alongside your Design Team during the design and permitting process to support their efforts with constructability reviews, schedule evaluation, systems determination, structural design considerations, systematic budget updates to insure the Project falls within your budget parameters then the Design-Assist Delivery Method could be an appropriate approach for your Project. Using this Project Delivery Method, the Project’s design consultants execute a design contract directly with the Client, while essential and appropriate Trade Partners are under subcontract with Agate Construction. The various systems subcontractors are a major contributor to the success of the Project to give the Project’s Customer a summary of different systems approaches and subsequent alternatives to support an efficient approach to Project. For instance, Agate’s customer might want to invest in a more efficient energy system, which costs more initially but could potentially save money over time by lowering energy costs and reducing maintenance – which benefits the Life Cycle Cost of the Project.

Mine Site Infrastructure

Agate Construction has served the mining and mineral industry for over thirty years. We have developed a reputation with our mining clients for implementing rigid safety processes by our highly skilled employees. Our mobile staff allows us to work in remote locations, required of the mining industry, without sacrificing safety requirements, quality expectations and the high project execution standards mandated by our mining infrastructure customers.

Construction Manager at Risk Services

The Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) approach is a delivery method which commits the Construction Manager (CM) to deliver the project within a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) which is normally based on preliminary design documents and outline specifications. In this capacity, Agate Construction provides professional services and acts in a fiduciary consultant role to our Client in the design development and construction phases. In most cases, the CMAR also provides the majority of the actual construction of the Project. In addition to acting in Agate Construction’s clients’ best interest, Agate Construction will manage and control construction costs so as not to exceed the GMP. Contractually, any costs exceeding the GMP that are not change orders are the financial liability Agate Construction – hence the term “At Risk”. Suffice it to say, but we’re proud to say that we’ve never exceeded any of our Customers’ Project’s GMP’s and depending on the Cost Savings arrangement of the prime contract, we’ve always provide a refund at the completion of the Project.

Agate Construction usually provides our customers with a GMP prior to bidding the project to the subcontracting community – this approach allows our Clients to secure financaing . Included in this GMP is a contingency line item to take care of bid overages, reasonably inferred items and other project related items that may arise during construction. By giving the Owner the GMP prior to bids, the CMAR assumes the risk of bids coming in higher as he is contractually bound to deliver the project per the plans and specifications and any additional allowances as defined in his GMP.

This delivery method has several unique benefits to the Owner, including:

  1. A higher level of cost control from the start. A successful CMAR project would involve
    hiring the CMAR prior to the architect and having the CMAR help select the architect.
  2. During the design process, the CMAR provides cost estimates at contractually established points. If these cost estimates are in line with the established budget, the architect then moves on to the next phase of design. If not, the CMAR, Owner and Architect assess the cost estimate and make design changes to bring the design back into budget alignment.This process ensures budget success.
  3. The CMAR is an Owner advocate and manages the project with the Owner’s best interest in mind at all times.
  4. The CMAR takes burden off of the Owner in managing and coordinating the project.
  5. The Owner’s risk is limited by the CMAR process providing the construction documents are complete and proper allowances and contingencies are built into the GMP.
  6. Constructability and value to the Owner are afforded by the Value Engineering expertise brought to the process by the CMAR.
  7. Since the CMAR is at risk and gives the GMP prior to bid, he does not have to select the low bid. Generally the thorough prequalification process minimizes the number of low bidders that get disqualified and generally leads to lower long term costs, higher quality, and fewer claims because only pre-qualified contractors are performing work.
  8. CMAR services are professional services like architectural, engineering, surveying, etc.

The CMAR’s main purpose is not to construct the project, but to manage the construction of the project. This management focus adds much value to the project. It is important to keep in mind that an adverse CMAR-Architect relationship can lead to some of the same issues that arise in a design-bid-build delivery method. By having the CMAR help select the Architect, the risk of an adverse relationship is minimized.

Automotive/Retail Service

Agate provides the means for developing automotive and retail designs. In these industries, we know that the look and feel of a building are important to a company’s success. A space’s atmosphere often makes all the difference in attracting a customer base along with maintaining a reliable business. Automotive and retail construction requires awareness of long-term impacts of projects, efficient designs, and well-planned construction phases. In general, Agate is well-equipped to take on a variety of retail projects given our team’s extensive and expansive work in these areas.


With our attention to detail, organized project schedules and clear communication, Agate Construction is able to safely and accurately work within the aviation industry to ensure strict guidelines and requirements are met. We meet and adhere to local, state, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and policies for a compliant project with minimal disruption to operations.

Multifamily and Senior Living

Through a process driven approach, Agate Construction is able to design and construct various state-of the-art multifamily projects including mixed-use facilities and senior living accommodations regardless of size, schedule or complexity. Agate ensures preconstruction services are thoroughly vetted and provides an efficient project closeout process for on time completion, all with a focus on the end-user.

With Agate’s experience in senior living construction, we understand the sensitivity needed toward these projects, including comfort, mobility, and convenience. Additionally, we design and build with future expansion in mind. Every detail is taken into consideration to ensure the building is resident-centered and will enhance the quality of life for occupants.

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