“Certainty of a Successful Outcome”

We recently were able to celebrate our 25th year of being in business here in Arizona and we of course have spent a lot of time discussing the huge steps that it took to build our company from the ground up especially focusing in on what it was that helped us to make our company successful. Without a doubt, one of the major factors at the top of that list was having had the opportunity to team up with Agate Construction on that very first project over twenty four years ago. When looking at the multiple projects that we’ve completed with Agate Construction over the past twenty four years versus some of the projects that we’ve had with other General Contractors, we quickly discovered that a key factor to being successful as a Sub Contractor would require that our Company be very selective on who we would choose to bid projects with. We quickly saw the importance of only teaming up with companies like Agate that had the same business model and business ethics that we held knowing that it would be a very successful relationship thus creating several project opportunities.

Thus after over 24 years, we still consider our Company to be very fortunate when we have the opportunity to take on a new project with the Agate Team We especially have come to appreciate the large steps that have been made by Agate in the past few years as they push away from the long held terms of “General Contractor and Sub Contractor.”

We have seen and experienced the results that have came from the Agate Team implementing the steps required to build on those same strong relationships as “Trade Partners” where we’re all on the same team with the same goals. We can definitely say that our Company looks forward to our continued Team Partnership with Agate Construction knowing that our two companies can continue to be successful thru whatever turn the economy may take.

Mike Scott, President