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Safety Program

Agate Construction takes immense pride in its caring approach to the well-being of everyone working on site. Our entire organization is driven by our award-winning Safety Culture and Corporate Safety Program. The commitment and dedication to safety at Agate has led to a recordable accident-free record over the past several years. It is this approach that has resulted in a .61 EMR, which is in the top five percent in our industry.

Agate 10x mandatory safety standards

Report prior injuries and / or physical limitations to management to ensure that assignments can be safely and comfortably executed.
Comply with prescribed job procedures, safety policies, training and instructions from Agate supervisors and appropriate training personnel.
Immediately report ALL accidents and near misses with the required documentation to the appropriate Agate, Inc. supervisor no matter how minor the accident or near miss may appear to be at the time of incident.
Wear the proper personal protection (PPE), including hard hats, safety glasses, proper shoes, ear protection and appropriate clothing.
Make suggestions for safe work practices and efficiency when appropriate without fear of retribution.
Develop, Implement and Understand the Emergency Reaction Program (ERP) applicable to the current environment and know what your responsibilities are in case of an emergency.
Understand the disciplinary measures of the Agate, Inc. Corporate Safety Program when policies and procedures are not being adhered to or maintained.
Maintain work habits and attitudes that will protect you, other employees and / or people that are working in your vicinity.
Understand and realize that the management of Agate, Inc. genuinely cares about your wellbeing, your work environment, you, and your family and always requires the maintenance of a safe and orderly working environment for you.
Prepare and participate in the Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) process for each different task and/or activity you undertake in the execution of each work task.
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NewCon Insurance Award Program

Awarded the highest total point score for our safety record and demonstration of sound risk management practices.